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JSS X400 18"

JSS X400 18"


The JSS X400 subwoofer is a combination of an SPL powerhouse and a precise SQ driver, resulting in a perfectly balanced ground-pounding subwoofer that will leave you astounded. The X400 series was designed and engineered to be your go-to subwoofer for all-day, everyday use while maintaining exceptional output and efficiency.

The X400 subwoofer boasts a 2500w rms power rating and features a high-temperature Precision Econowind US 3″ flat wound 4-layer voice coil that ensures outstanding performance. Its grade Y35 ferrite motor is engineered with triple 1″ stacked magnets and a custom top and bottom plate for optimal cooling and magnetic performance. The HD cones with wide roll surrounds, poly dust cap, and triple-layer 100% nomex spider pack with triple sewn-in heavy-duty lead wires provide complete cone control and accuracy across all frequencies and power ranges.

Built on a custom tooled cast aluminum basket optimized for cooling, the X400 subwoofer is the perfect daily driver that will not disappoint.

Available in D2 or D4

Imported from China.

  • Info

    Outside Diameter








    Sealed Enclosure

    Not Recommended

    Ported Enclosure

    4.5-8 cf

    Recommended Tuning


    Recommended Port Area

    ~110 sq in

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